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Do I need a Buyers Agent to purchase a new construction home?

April 27, 2013

With so many new developments, going up around the area it’s easy to walk into a model home on site and use the agent on hand.

But is this the best way to go about buying a new home? The sales representative within the new home sales office works for the builder, and their true loyalty lies with the builder. If you walk in having your own Buyers agent, you get the best service by someone who is solely working for you.

There are many reasons you should obtain your own Buyers agent when looking at new homes:
•Like I said earlier, your agent works for you and not the builder or the construction company selling the homes. This keeps your best interest at heart instead of the builder.
•Your agent will be invited to VIP events which gives them access to the best floor plans and prices per square foot before being released to the general public.
•If you have your own agent they can negotiate for certain fees that the sales agent wouldn’t be able to. Even if the price is not negotiable, maybe some extras can be added in on your behalf.
•Using an agent will help you have access to other comparable properties in the area so you can be fully aware of what you are paying and if its reasonable.
•An agent can keep you updated on the project. Questions concerning construction and occupancy can be easily answered.
•If you are looking to assign your unit, an agent can help you find a buyer as certain types of advertising is not permissible by the project builder.

Your Realtor will represent you honestly and ethically and will assist you in making the best decision for your needs. If you are considering purchasing a pre-construction condo or home and are working with a Realtor, do not register online at the project’s website or walk in the sales office without having a buyer’s agent. Once registered, the builder usually will not co-operate (pay commission) with your Realtor. I would be happy to schedule an appointment with you at the sales office and represent you on your behalf.

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